The Invitation

The Invitation: Book 1 of the Guardian Archives

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What would you do if you could read your classmates’ thoughts?

Or change them?

Jon Thompson could, and he was scared. Scared of what he could do. Scared someone would find out.

When someone did find out, Jon feared the worst until Alison, the cheerleader who caught him, introduced him to the Guardians and invited him to join them.

As the Guardians teach Jon about their work, he’s surprised to find himself becoming friends with women who have virtually nothing in common with him–nothing but the same secrets and abilities. And he’s surprised to find that Alison and his other new friends have given up on dating, romance, and a normal social life because of those abilities. It’s hard to date when your always-on abilities won’t let you ignore your date’s shortcomings, no matter how hard you try.

He’s relieved to discover that his abilities don’t make him a monster, and he’s relieved that the Guardians’ work isn’t the constant battle against all-powerful evil foes that he imagined. But he’s frightened by the lengths the Guardians are willing to go to stop the few who refuse to be stopped.

Meanwhile, Alison has to face surprises of her own. Her Guardian-induced dating embargo leaves her ill-prepared to confront her growing feelings about the new would-be Guardian. Are those feelings coming from her heart, or from hormones and desperation?

Will Jon accept the Guardians’ burden? Will Alison take the risk of acting on her feelings? Or is their relationship doomed before Jon even knows it exists?